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Astrology is much more than just your sun sign horoscope predictions in newspapers and magazines. Astrology is a valuable tool for full-scale psychological assessment and assistance. Your astrological birth chart is a map of the skies as seen from the time and place of your birth, arranged showing the relationships between different heavenly bodies – the planets, major stars and asteroids and their placement amongst the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrological interpretations are very helpful when you are working to understand and use your innate gifts and talents and uncover your biggest personal challenges so that you can transform them. Astrology can be used to help you determine when the best time will be to begin a project. Love astrology can be used to analyze your marriage or other important romantic relationships and to help you understand the best ways to motivate and help your children or other loved ones to succeed.

In astrology, the planets symbolize different parts of the personality: emotional connection, ambition, security, boundaries, abundance, sex drive, spirituality, learning and communication style and so forth. For example, everyone has an internal drive to “be someone,” represented by the Sun in the horoscope chart; emotional needs, symbolized by the Moon; and security needs, represented by Saturn. Astrologers refine their understanding of an individual’s planets by looking at the zodiac signs.

Astrology is not generally a way of foretelling inevitable fate (though it can be under some circumstances). While planetary influences create the groundwork and basis for action in any set of circumstances, there is still the element of free will in us all. We become masters of our own destinies when we take the information in our astrological chart and use the techniques and insights of astrology to make sense of our connection with each other, with the universe at large, and with our own inner selves.

Daily sun sign horoscope astrology as found in newspapers has limited accuracy and application because every individual is so much more complex that just the characteristics shown by their sun sign. Everyone also has a sign for each of the other planets: Moon sign, Venus sign, Mercury sign, Jupiter sign, Saturn sign, etc. It is the unique combination of planets and where they lie in the zodiac sign as well as the the astrological houses which represent an individual. Simple sun sign horoscopes cannot factor in all the specific information from the rest of the astrological birth chart.

Astrologers, like all good scientists, must use their knowledge in combination with a developed intuition. A personal astrological chart does not so much reveal a clear fate as a set of probabilities, often operating on many levels simultaneously. How you express the energies highlighted in your chart and how you meet the challenges in your life indicated by your chart determine the results of your actions. As has been said, "The stars incline; they do not compel".



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