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Laura Brown

Astrology, Tarot, Angel Guides, Spirit Guides, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Past Lives, Empathic Insights, Claircognizance

Laura B, radio show host, author and professional psychic, began her career in Michigan in early 2001 before moving to Salem Massachusetts in 2006. It was there that Laura furthered her training as a psychic and energy worker by studying under renowned psychic and Salem's official Witch, Laurie Cabot. Now residing in Colorado with her family, Laura continues to provide readings online and locally. Laura brings honesty, solvency and pristine clarity to the topics of love, life and spirituality. Laura is able to provide insight clients can trust to understand what is happening in their situation, as well as valuable information on what the client can do to change their situation. Laura's readings are dynamic but unequivocally honest and forthright to ensure that clients can cut through the fantasy and GET REAL about their lives.

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Client Testimonials:

"I rate this outstanding because of the things that came out in this reading that I never even mentioned. You were so spot on with this Laura! I will keep you posted!" Patty

"This Expert is truly a professional in that she lets you know the exact truth of what is happening, the emotions, and what will happen. There is no false hope, she says things exactly as they are. She also helps you to see what you can do to make things the best for yourself and your situation. A wonderful reader, when you want TRUTH! ;)) I will be back! Blessings! xoxo!" Kaycee

"Every prediction has come to pass EXACTLY as described and her insight on what to do in order to direct this relationship has WORKED. If you are ready for a true reading and want to stop the destruction of a relationship you need to call her!!!!!! Thank you Laura! You may not hold back but I never leave our sessions feeling anything but hopeful!" Jazzy