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Astrology, Channeling, Medium, Clairvoyance, Numerology, Past Lives

I'm happy to read anything for you, and I especially enjoy:

Sacred Body Pathworking: Intuitive guidance on your path. Explore your personal cycles on your journey using the Sacred Body Cards. Life's work, career, family & romantic relationships, personal growth & spiritual evolution. Your soul has it's own natural course.

Inner Healing Alchemy: Identify, deprogram and resolve old patterns; create new realities; transform shadow material into wisdom through and practice and choice.

Sacred Body Wisdom: Cellular blueprint healings. Your body is a sacred hologram filled with divine healing energy. Break old agreements and reset encodements for health.

Sacred Rose Reading: Are you aligned with the God of Your Heart? Your ability to create and manifest is directly linked to your ability to speak to your personal god. Some call it a higher self, the soul, the inner voice, among other names. Your ability to know, see and trust this is a gift of spirit.

Evoke Your Inner Wisdom!

"My personal intention is to encourage others in their self-discovery & expanding awareness—to anchor spiritual energies in the body and ground these experiences in practice and every day choices. Let's play together, activating your wisdom and exploring your creativity from that inspired space deep inside of you. This is a place for celebrating and remembering who you are. You are a vessel for the Divine! Honor who you are, listen to your inner voice, and empower yourself to heal from within."

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Client Testimonials:

"The reading with Michaela transported me into sacred space…working with her Sacred Body Cards reminded me of all I have learned in this lifetime…amazing grounding and clarity." MCD, Kahuku, HI

"I gained new insight into the multi-dimensional nature of my being. Her wisdom is subtle and succinct and seems to cut through the din of ego, into direct contact with the core of my sacred self. The reading revealed the veiled, pointing to what is real. Great for the ardent seeker of truth and spirit." MP, Ajo, AZ

"Michaela blends the wisdom of many traditions. Her words evoke deep connections with my own mystical knowingness. I felt truly seen, receiving practical information and tools to help me move forward in my own evolution." Nancy, Santa Fe, NM