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Sally Rice

Tarot, Angel Guides, Spirit Guides, Channeling, Medium, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, Pendulum, Pet Reading

If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, Spirit is likely to have a lot of information to share. Depression, acute anxiety caused by a bad breakup, the loss of a job when you have a family to feed.... These are milestones in life that can be devastating, making us feel fearful and vulnerable. That's exactly what your guardian angels, spirit guides, and ancestors are here to help you handle. These are the issues that move us from our higher state of awareness, or down into the depths of despair. We are delicate souls, spiritual beings experiencing a human journey. When a crisis emerges, our spirit guides want nothing more than to help and share love and acceptance of You, regardless of where you find yourself on the (often unsettling) path of your current incarnation.

Each and every reading is completely different, just like each one of us! I always incorporate tarot, gemstones and pendulums as tools to communicate with spirit guides. But beyond that it becomes quite unique depending on what Spirit wants You to hear, as I am fully directed by the guides to share what must be shared - and that is a divine mystery, as I am simply the messenger.

During some readings, ancestors who have passed will come forth to speak directly with You to help with your current situation. Or, it may be a group of angel guides that share, like a chorus, important information. On other occasions, I may channel a particular spirit guide who speaks through me, with critical news intended just for You. We are working with the Divine, and as the vessel of communication, I am deeply humbled, and always in a state of gratitude for the wisdom and blessings that emerge during each session. The intention is always founded on light at the highest vibration, bringing information to help you achieve your greatest good while cradling you in the spiritual arms of love.

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Client Testimonials:

"With no information other than my name, Sally was able to provide uncanny details and descriptions of events in my life that were spot on accurate. I have been to many psychics and worked with many psychics and it was obvious to me from the first day I met Sally that she was one of the few "true" psychics who was born with her gifts. Sally has been able to provide direction for me at different times in my life that helped me navigate my path while at the same time instilling a level of peace even during times of challenge. In addition to Sally's accurate readings, she has true integrity. I highly recommend Sally's psychic readings and guidance." Jill J. - Ashville, NC

"Sally is one of the most intuitive people I know. My husband was missing and my three children and I were horrified. Sally came over, calmed us first and then performed a sacred reading. She assured us that my husband was alive and gave us details of where he was. The girls and I went to bed that night knowing their Daddy was coming home, trusting in Sally's word. Sure enough he was home when they woke up. Sally was 100% accurate in her reading. After my husband came home, he confirmed that he was exactly where Sally had predicted. Sally has a true gift!" Alex D.

"Sally was a psychic reader at Soul Centered where she consistently got positive feedback from all our clients. She is extremely intuitive with great powers of perception and healing energy. As a medical empath, Sally was able to see a severe heart problem with a customer who believed he was in great health. He took her advice and saw his doctor who rushed him into surgery the next day for a triple bypass heart operation." Diane S. - Ojai, CA