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Jill Jackson

Tarot, Spirit Guides, Medium, Clairvoyance, Past Lives, Pendulum, Pet Reading

I provide accurate insightful guidance. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant, as well as a medium. My mission is to offer spiritual guidance to many, through psychic spiritual counseling, Reiki energy healings, writings, and Spiritual Teachings. When you listen to Spirit and follow your genuine path, the results are truly amazing!

With a BSBA in business/accounting, and a CPA license, I spent years utilizing my intuitive gifts in the corporate world. In 2007, I "remembered" what my true purpose is for this incarnation. My training is extensive and diverse, including Advanced Mediumship Training with John Holland, Past Life certification, Reiki Master Training, tarot card training, and animal communication certification.

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Client Testimonials:

"Jill is amazing! She is the best reader I have ever been to. She gives incredibly accurate readings and is always compassionate in her delivery. I have been blown away by so many of her predictions that have come to fruition. She is a person of integrity who gives enlightening readings with such kindness and grace. Her wisdom and guidance are incredible gifts that I am so grateful to have witnessed. She is a blessing!" Olga

"I was surprised by Jill's accuracy during my reading. She perfectly described events in my life although we had never met and her analysis of the energy around me proved to be correct well after our time together. I look forward to my next reading with her and give her a solid endorsement." Scott Lopez

"Jill is a very accurate, honest and beautiful reader who connects emotionally and spiritually with everything going on!! Her reading made perfect sense to me especially when she mentioned my deceased aunt being around me. She even picked up on her name, Mary. It meant so much to me. She is the real deal, selfless and really gets in touch with what’s going on. You really couldn’t be in better hands!" Tana