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Kimberly Thalken

Medium, Angel Guides, Spirit Guides, Clairvoyance, Channeling

Kimberly channels information from your Angels, Spiritual Guides, and Soul to help you through any life challenge. Specific and structured guidance is given in order to work towards the desired outcome. The information and healing energy that are channeled in each reading is specific to you and will put you on a path to empowerment and show you how to create change for yourself to bring in positive life experiences. Kimberly's readings are compassionate, educational, thought provoking and truth seeking. The information is simple and provides a practical toolset to generate greater joy in your life.

Kimberly is an internationally recognized, tested and certified Psychic-Medium, Master-Instructor in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapist, Author, Radio Show Co-Host on Inspired Living on OmTimes Radio and the Founder of her spiritual practice Love First®: Where Life Transformations Happen.

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Client Testimonials:

"Kim is the Real Deal! I’m a somewhat skeptical, close-to-the-vest kinda gal but within one minute of our discussion, Kim referenced something very relevant about me which was so spot on, I just had to laugh. For the rest of our hour she kept hitting on truths about me, and my family, that were specific and meaningful and gave me great insight – she was just really dialled in. She is such a warm, gentle, safe and ego-less person. I’ve had past experiences with gifted intuitives whose gifts have left them with outsized egos and a sort of performative quality but Kim is exactly the opposite. She’s kind, generous and supportive while also delivering the messages she’s receiving in a firm but loving way. I can’t wait for my next session and I recommend her to anyone! What a blessing she is!" Becky, Television writer

"The words integrity and professionalism come to mind when I describe Kimberly Thalken. It is one thing to possess psychic abilities, and another to know how to use them in a compassionate yet firm way to best support her clients. I have been on an intense spiritual path for several years. At the time I came to her, I knew I needed guidance for this next phase of my journey, but I wasn’t exactly sure what specifically I needed to accomplish with her. She wasted no time recognizing the essence of where I was, and the feedback she gave me from the spirit guides, within the first two minutes of our session, helped illuminate what work we needed to do. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration!" Elaine, Pediatrician

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I am going through an extremely difficult time. Kim helped me to see the truth that I was unwilling to face in such a kind and loving way that I felt empowered and calm about what I need to do. I feel focused, directed and supported. She is incredibly talented. Her gift will blow you away. She gets into people immediately and sums them up appropriately. Her guidance is wonderful. Thank you Kim for sharing your gift with me!!" Suzette, School Teacher