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Tarot, Spirit Guides, Medium, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, Pendulum

I am a forth generation natural born Psychic/Medium for over 30 years.

Since a very early age, I have been fascinated and curious about the Metaphysic world. I used to hide in a closet listening to my Mom and Grandma sitting with an other person and pulling down some cards and various tools. My Grandma always used a large circular bowl filled with water, and she always charged the water before she started a reading. Later on I understood that she will pick up any negativity from the water and was able to heal the person facing her.

I start making my own design of the cards, and symbolism, and slowly I made my own deck. My father been a strong Catholic, did not approve of my curiosity and pushed me to have an education in finance. I did not want to disappoint him as I was the light of his eye and received a master in Business and Private law, bur secretly I always followed my path.

Not only I worked 40+ hrs a week in Finance, but I also worked for many Psychic network, in addition to my private clientele that grow and grow. I still use my own deck today and will not change it for the world, I have also created my own time board for accurate time frame.

Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French, here awaiting for your call, ready to unfold your worrying and clear your mind.

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