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Priestess of Rah

Tarot, Angel Guides, Pendulum, Oracle Cards

A priestess, clairvoyant, and oracle who has helped people across the world solve their most difficult problems.

I am a priestess of the Goddess Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth, Balance, and Wisdom. I was born with the gifts of sight and prophecy. I was often given information from the spirit realm in dreams and visions. As I grew older, I began to harness my abilities with tarot and oracle card readings. I have been a professional reader since 1999. I know it is my purpose in this life to use my Divine connection to help others who are lost, confused, searching, or in pain.

I specialize in life purpose, angel card, and love readings. I work with 20 different decks as well as a pendulum. My clients report 100% accuracy. I also believe in the power of affirmations and I create them as needed for my clients.

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Client Testimonials:

"Queen Auset Heru's services are wonderful. Talking to her is like talking to a loved family member. She actually cares about her clients. What she reveals during her readings are correct and to the point when she gives a reading no matter the outcome good or bad you know your getting the 100% truth she doesn't sugar coat anything but you can guarantee that she cares and will do what she can to make any bad outcome turn into something good."

"My name is T. Bryant and I am a client of PRIESTESS QUEEN AUSET HERU......... I love, love, love the Queen Auset Heru's Enchanted Love Oil! The scent is positively divine. I use it as blessed body oil and have recently used it to dress my candles in ritual work. I recommend this oil to anyone working on elevating their love vibration. Thanks again, for this wonderful gift and it's treasure." T. Bryant

"Let me begin by saying that I did not seek out the Queen Auset Heru. I inquired about her services at that time because it dawned on me that she had a gift that I #1 hadn't seen in a while and #2 she was genuine. I met with Ms. Heru and she did a wonderful reading, reintroduced me to one of my most prominent spirit guides, and have me a prescription and guidance to start the healing of certain aspects that needed cleansing and healing. I love the oils she created. The love oil really does lift my spirits and is a magnet to a certain someone. And the other oil really helps me with my clarity and focus. Thank you Queen Auset Heru for sharing your gifts and abilities!!! Anyone who is seeking an adviser the Queen is the go to practitioner! I'm excited to return for a follow up and continue on the process of cleansing, healing and discovery of the world as its meant to be. Peace and love!!!" Aja J A.

"I just had a FIYA Reading with Queen Auset Heru. The Readers Reader. Lemme just say, the confirmationz of wat Eye have seen/felt/experienced have trans-formed completely my Mentality. AND THERE'S A WHOLE LOTTA WRONGS ABOUT TU BE RIGHTED. STAT. Loving the Nrg of the Wombyn. Her strength, Wisdom, Vision, Guidance are unmatched by any other! untouchable by any other. unreachable by any other. HAIL THE MOTHER! Without Her NO THING Matters." Triple Darkgodis