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How do psychic readings work?

Different readers have different ideas about where their talent comes from. For many psychics, the power is inherent within themselves to tap into universal understandings and the psychic tool they use (tarot, pendulum, channeling, etc) is simply a medium to help trigger that personal talent. Others may speak of tapping into a "universal mind" or "universal consciousness" to get information about you and your questions.

As the Psychic speaks with you, they are tuning all of their concentration into you and the energy that surrounds you and the situations you are describing. Some ‘feel’ the energy, some ‘see’ the outcome and others receive a ‘knowing’ about how the energy around you is coming together and where it is taking the situation.

Regardless of how the Psychic gets their information, the fact of the matter is that you are in charge of your life and your destiny. The information and the outcome for the question that the Psychic receives reflects the thoughts, actions and emotions that you are bringing to the situation yourself at the time of the reading. By changing any or all of those reactions, you change your own future and the outcome to the question. That is the value of receiving a reading – you discover whether or not what you are doing now is going to result in the outcome you want. If what you are doing will bring a desired outcome, the advice will be to continue on the path you are now (and the Psychic will often tell you specifically what you are doing to bring success so that you can concentrate on doing more of that). But if what you are brining to the situation is actually working against you, the Psychic will tell you specifically what you are doing that is getting in your way and give you ideas and options of changes that you can make that will help get you want you want.

Your destiny is not set in stone. By getting a reading and hearing the answers you (or the Psychic) do not make it happen. A psychic reading is literally a ‘reading’ of the energies working within a situation. By changing your approach you change the outcome. That is the value in getting a reading. If something was bound to happen no matter what you did, why would you want the reading? A reading empowers you to direct your life and open to changes that will improve and enrich yourself.

The Psychics of Isis sincerely want to help you lead a successful, happy and fulfilling life. They will give you objective, honest answers to your questions. You will not always get the answer you want to hear, but you will receive advice and options that will help you to confidently take the actions to make your life what you want it to be.


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