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Since 1980, Psychics of Isis has provided the most respected psychic services available. Our psychics are skilled, compassionate, and dedicated to providing genuine assistance using their psychic skills. If you are a professional, experienced and talented psychic, please send your contact information and complete resume to

What are the Benefits of working for Psychics of Isis?

    ~ You are an independent contractor and are able to determine your own schedule.

    ~ You are paid weekly by direct deposit without any hassle and with complete reliability.

    ~ You are well compensated. Popular psychics make a properous living.

    ~ Psychics of Isis manages all the details: website maintenance, customer credit, billing, equipment, and promotion.

    ~ Your privacy is protected.

    ~ Psychics of Isis is committed to providing authentic, accurate advice assistance and respectable, trustworthy practices - a commitment which our psychics must share.

    ~ Psychics of Isis is dedicated to creating a positive and caring virtual work environment without micro-management.
If you want to share your gifts within a caring, professional environment, please send us an email to with a copy of your complete resume and list of your professional psychic experience. . We look forward to future possibilities together.



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Joyce Jackson
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